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Scavengers is a squad-based third person shooter that takes place on a frozen wasteland. Weather plays a key role in gameplay. This means that the project took every challenge of lighting that I have faced in the past (open world, continuous day / night cycle, seamless interior/exterior transitions, multiplayer et al.) and added one more layer on top of that: Weather. Rather than relying on third party plugins to handle this challenge, I deisgned and authored a complete Time of Day system from scratch. This custom solution controlled lighting, fog, post processing, the skybox, and material parameters for all the game conditions including time of day, weather, and shelter states. I then used this system to author all of the lighting for Scavengers to meet both the artistic vision and the performance constraints of the title.

Marketing Screenshots

I lead a team that captured all of our internal and external marketing screenshots. This included establishing a capture pipeline, scouting locations, composing shots, directing team members, capturing the shots, post processing / touch up, training others on the pipeline, and documenting the process.


I was part of the performance strike team tasked with getting Scavengers within performance guidelines of Xbox One and Playstation 4. My areas of focus to were lighting scalability, auditing and optimizing collision, and shader/material performance improvements. This often entailed deep dives into PIX on Xbox to measure and diagnose problem areas.

Storefront Render Tool

Scavengers features a storefront that sells cosmetic content. We needed a way to capture consistent, appealing images of the content we sell. To that end, I designed and created a tool for lighting and capturing the various types of content we sell in our storefront. I worked closely with the UI/UX team to ensure the tool was easy to use and provided consistent results.

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